House Of Fraser - Store manager of Victoria HOfF UK

Jan 11, 2022

B M2022-of US

Good afternoon
I attended your House of Fraser Victoria branch today at around 14.10 as I have been trying to swap a makeup product from Ester Lauder. I have been struggling to find someone who works on the counter for a few weeks now. Standing next to the counter on a stand was a lady who works at HOfF. She ignored me until I went up to her to ask if there was someone working there today. Her reply was "people have Covid nobody is here". I reply "oh, again" in response to nobody being there not in regards to the Covid pandemic simply because I have entered the store a number of times to no Estée Lauder lady being available. The lady became very rude to me and made no offer to help me with what I was looking for. I told her I thought she was being rude and she then refused to help me or talk to me. I asked for her name to which she refused to give "personal details" but told me she was the store manager and that she found my response rude and told me she did not tolerate rudeness in her store. My partner asked her why she thought I was being rude and her response was that my attitude was rude. Another lady from one of the counters was there to witness the exchange.

I attend your store quite a few times a month to purchase makeup, clothes and electronics/games and have had conversations with various staff who have all been so helpful and in fact I have had long conversations with many of your staff all positive. For some reason this lady in particular was so incredibly rude, I am very upset and I don't actually want to shop in your store again because I now feel as though if I go in there she will be rude to me again or not serve me. I cannot believe that that is appropriate customer service. I tried to speak with her and discuss the exchange and to explain my side of things in regards to her feeling I was rude and she just told me I was rude. I cannot believe that a store manager would behave in this way to customers.
I also now still have a makeup product purchased on the 18/12/2021 at 15.41 that I am trying to exchange for the right colour. So I would really appreciate some help in this matter.