- Unethical action

Nov 27, 2021

StreetGangs — USA

My father Vincent "Vinnie Dark" Alonso was an artist and created a huge name for himself from Los Angeles to New York City to Puerto Rico and to the White House. I told my dad years ago to create a website, and I hosted his website on my own dedicated server. He eventually settled on the name OSCUROGRAPHICS.COM, and for years I hosted his page. The name is a combination of the Spanish word "oscuro" for Dark, his nick name and Graphics. I am almost certain that no one would want this domain. One day I realized that his page wasn't showing anymore and at this point, my father died of a heart attack at age 75, and he had a payment overdue. Guess who came in and stole my deceased father's domain? Yep, HugeDomains did, and now they want, $4, 000.00 for it, well actually it came down to $3, 395.00. I will never pay that for a domain name he was paying $15 per year for.