- No replying on refund status

Feb 10, 2022

izzuddin hafeez-of SHAH ALAM, MY

1. I'm referring to my ticket number [protected] book with Skyscanner Apps directly to ( Please refer to Appendix 1 of my flight ticket.

2. Due to the prolongation of travel restriction last year, I decided to cancel my flight ticket and request for a refund on 4th March 2021 by ( and the process of refund was expected to take 3-6 months. Please refer to appendix 2 on the confirmation email sent by ( customer service on ticket cancellation and refund request.

3. Supposedly, I should receive the refund in September 2021. But unfortunately, until today the process is still ongoing as told by ( Maybe the process might be late due to Covid-19 outbreak issue.

4. Because the prolongation of the refund process is more than I expected, I just sent the inquiry request to convert the refund to Credit Note if possible to Oman Air Malaysia. I have been served by Ms.Yuslina from Oman Air who told me that I was supposed to self-check with my agent ( on the refund status and they should follow up this case. Please refer to appendix 3 on an email by Yuslina Oman Air Officer.

5. I have email asking ( pertaining on the refund status and my inquiry request to convert the refund to Credit Note if possible, but ( replied that the refund cannot be change and just wait for the refund to be bank in to my account when they received the refund amount from Oman Air. Please refer to appendix 4 on my inquiries and appendix 5 replied to an email from (

6. I have followed up after a month by the end of December 2021, 3rd week of January 2022 and following week of February 2022 to ( and no single reply by them to follow up on my case. Please refer to appendix 6-8 on my inquiries.

7. Refund is already paid by Oman Air since i had confimation by Oman Air Kuala Lumpur the status of my ticket is refunded. ( should refund me immediately because the refund process is prolonged almost to a year.