- E-ticket not yet emailed

Apr 03, 2022

Michelle Bernal-of US

I also have the same issue here. I booked a flight on Hutchgo just moments ago and after keying all the card information and OTP of the credit card the page led me back to the main page. I was left not knowing if my booking has been confirmed, i had to call the bank to find out that the transcation has gone through, money has already been deducted, but i have yet to receive an email confirmation regarding my booking. I did not even get an error page or reference number that i could refer to for the customer service. I had emailed them on this and waiting for their reply. Their website is terrible and i was led there via skyscanner trusting that they had 4 stars they should be reliable. This is not the first complained i had seen online for this after facing this issue. Skyscanner should relook into their travel agency's reliability!