iBuyPower - Gaming RDY SLHRG215

Mar 19, 2022

ibuypower-of US

I bought the above unit and it was delivered last Friday, March 11th. Saturday started setting up the unit and found it would not display on the monitor. They are closed on the weekend but sent an email anyways. On Monday, after talking with them found out it was a bad display. Their offer was to send a new one to exchange out or a refund. I did not want to take a chance on trying to do the change myself so opted for the exchange. Email was sent for the exchange with restrictions. Another email with a five day limit to print or take to a FedEx. The closet FedEx is within a Walgreens. Today, the 19th we took it to the store and it had expired. I only received it on Tuesday. Now I have to wait again until Monday to call them. They are making this so inconvenient. I bought and paid for a working computer which I did not get and they are making it hard to return. I really need help to get this resolved.