Illicit Encounters - Auto renewal not made clear - helping themselves to £99 per month!

Jan 16, 2022

TSK 126-of US

I took out a 3 month subscription with this dating agency

It expired some time ago but, on inspecting my bank records, I see they have been helping themselves to £99 per month for the last 4 months without my knowledge.

I have written to them. This was the response:

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch with us. When you purchased your membership with IE, at the bottom of the payment page there are details of our auto renewal process and the steps you need to take to cancel this service. Proceeding with payment is considered an agreement of this. I'm afraid we are unable to issue a refund as the membership had not been cancelled prior to the renewal date as specified when you took out your subscription. What I have done is cancelled the continuous payment authority as per your request, and no further payments will be taken from your account. Your membership will now expire naturally on the 16th of February and return to non gold status. Kind Regards, Emelia(Admin)X