Immigration Department Of Malaysia - Applying for My Travel Pass to visit my wife with whom I have been married since 2004

Feb 21, 2022

Bruce Ross Sharp-of Shah Alam, MY

I was last granted a Spouse Visitors Pass to enter Malaysia in July 2020, during my stay I applied for a Long Term Visit Pass but during this period, due to COVID, all appointments were cancelled. I am a ships Captain and had to return to work at sea, before being able to be granted a Long Term Visit Pass. I have applied three times for the issue of Spouse Visitors Pass, twice I was refused. I have applied again and submitted all the required documents but I am afraid that if I am refused permission to enter again it is going to seriously affect myself and my wife's marital situation. We have now been apart for 15 months. My salary is fully paid into my Maybank account, I also have full medical insurance. On numerous occasions my wife has tried to contact the Immigration department but has only ever managed to talk to customer service. She has been given various names, and phone numbers, of Immigration Officers but no one has ever answered the phone. Being a Seafarer makes it difficult to plan visits to see my wife, We have lived together in Malaysia during my leave periods for almost 20 years and as far as I am aware I have never broken any laws and always had sufficient funds to support my wife. I had even stayed in Ireland previously when the UK was on the Malaysian Red list but was still refused permission.