Indigo Credit Card / Indigo Platinum Mastercard - Indigo credit card

Feb 18, 2022

Gail Nutt-of Mount Pleasant, US

I have not used this card but once or twice and paid it off. Then I get an allert from American Express that my credit score has decrease 68 points! because of Indigo. The charged me all kinds of fees and interest and over the limit fees.

I even have over the limit protection. I can't get on the website or talk to anyone because they are redoing the site and no one answers the phone but a recording. I have worked so hard to improve my score, now this. If I cancel the card my score will go down again. I am not giving up until they make this right. I am not giving them another penny until they can prove what these charges are for. I can't even get a statement online. Never again, I am done!