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May 09, 2022

Sandra Williams-of US

ON 5/9/2022 I received an email alerting me that I was 3 months behind and to please call -[protected]. I immediately called at 5:10 pm ( Memphis, TN). I verified all of my information then had to explain the nature of my call.

I let the agent know that I was trying to get a resolution and get caught up on payment and become current. She immediately stated I had the wrong department and she asked me to hold on, I then asked who are you transferring me to? She stated, collections and I was placed on hold for 20 minutes. Agent did not come to phone int hose 20 minutes to inform me that I was still holding for someone in collections or check on me. I assumed she forget about me because she was probably working from home. So, I hung up.

At 5:30 pm I called back and explained that I was on holed for a long time and no one came back. I asked do you mind doing a warm transfer. The 2nd agent stated sure give me 2-4 minutes. Needless, to say after holding 10 minutes they hung up on me.

I called back at 5:50 pm and spoke to a 3rd agent whom seemed concerned. He stated he would waive my 2 past late fees. Then I asked if I can make the payment on the 20th to become current and how much he first mentioned $160.00 I suppose that was because he was taking off the late fees, he then said $120.00 will bring you current and $40.oo will be due on the 5th off June. I said great I want to be current. He asked for my checking account info and I really insisted in my debit card. He explained they only take checking/saving account information for payment. So, I gave him my account number. I stated you did make the arrangement for the 29th of May. He states oh no, I just submitted the payment. I told him you cannot just authorize my payment for today's date, I did not authorize for today’s date I said the 20th. He placed me on hold insisting he was getting a manger to reimburse. He came back 10 minutes later stating hos manager was unable to reverse the unauthorize payment. I told him that was unacceptable, you all stole my money and I want it back. He placed me on hold for 30 minutes, never came back to the phone.

Call back at 6:10pm and I am now on hold for 10 minutes waiting for a manager. I still do not know about the money that was stolen from me completing unauthorized truncation. I still do not know if the fees were waives. I still do not know if he made the arrangement for the 2oth to remaining good standing. The 4th agent comes back to the phone and states she cannot reach a manager.

After 2 hours and 4 agents, I was tired and felt defeated.

Please help,

Sandra S. Williams