Infirmary Health - Terrible ER service

Jan 24, 2022

Better training-of Fairhope, alabama, US

My husband came in by ambulance with very low blood sugar and low potassium. He was put in a bed in the hallway because all the rooms were taken by COVID patients. We literally sat in the busy hallway with COVID rooms at arm's reach for 8 hours. No one really said anything for 2 hours techs, nurses Drs all walked past. I had to flag down random people because his nurse never came to check on him. I found out her name as she was leaving at 7pm. The night nurse Colby was too busy to even check his IV drop or introduce himself. I have a lot of respect for healthcare workers because it's hard especially during COVID-19 but there are more people who need to be seen and cared for and made a priority, because 8 hours in a hallway and everyone else is behind a door is not ok.