InMotion Hosting - Emails are bouincing, cannot log into inmotion hosting website either

May 11, 2022

SmallBizONR-of US

Our small company (5 users) are experiencing bounce back emails and today it is not working at all.

Our CEO set up our account years ago with a credit card and we saved the last 4 digits of the card as we have learned by experience this is needed to access the account. Seems we made a payment since with another card (not sure which one) and was told the previous card # is not valid. I am not only blocked from my account, but as a COMPANY inmotion hosting does not offer any other way to get into your account. If I enter my domain and correct email, I get an error. Horrible customer service, hung up without any resolution or solutions from the representative except you need the last 4 digits of the credit card!