Intercity Xpress - Driver arrogance

Apr 02, 2022

Grant Hill-of US

My sister in law travelled from Port Shepstone to JHB Airport on the 1st April 2022 at 19h30.

When the bus arrived (on time) there wasn't any Intercity logo on it, there was a small sign or the windscreen portraying the Intercity logo and Durban Margate. We weren't sure if this bus was still going to Margate (as the sign stated), we noticed that nobody was getting off. At this point the driver used his hooter and grufly said "are you getting on?". I asked him if this bus was going to JHB Airport he barked this responce "East Rand look on the window, when I informed him that it reflected Durban, Margate. He turned the sign around hastily. Up until this point the driver had only moved from his seat to turn the sign around and back onto his seat again.

Usually the driver gets out if the bus opens the luggage compartment, checks your ticket and shows you which compartment to loads your luggage into. Some of the drivers even load the luggage for you. I had to once again ask if he was going to the airport and still his responce was East Rand (with a louder voice). I asked my sister in law to show the driver sitting behind the stearing wheel her ticket. He basically snatched the ticket out of her hand and only then proceeded to get off his behind and open the luggage doors. There were other people also enquiring if the bus went to Midrand and He was just as rude to them as he was to us.

In all my days of using Intercity this is the worst arrogant, obnoxious, unhelpful and cheeky bus driver I have ever experienced.