iRobot - I694 on sale $174.99 on 11/3/21, On 11/9/21 would not price match!

Nov 23, 2021

Bob Ganzelli — Jacksonville Beach, USA

On 11/3/21 I purchased an i694 iRobot on sale for $174.99 plus tax on After ordering, received email reporting this unit was back-ordered. On 11/9/21, I called iRobot Customer Service at [protected] and asked if this unit would arrived before Christmas. I was told "yes". I then asked if I could purchase another at the same price, $174.99 as unit now showed on their website for $274.99. After a brief hold, the representative came told me "yes" they would honor the sale price. I asked what would be the best way to go forward, and she replied, purchase the unit at the higher price $274.99 plus tax, give her my order number, she would create a case and we should be contacted within 48 hrs. We never heard from iRobot, so on 11/16/21 I called Customer Service again, was assured we would be notified as he "escalated the issue - and supplied a new case #).
No word from iRobot, so on 11/23/21 I called Customer Service again, and after a brief hold, was told my case was "denied". I requested to speak with a manager, supervisor, but per the representative, she can not, but she can "re-escalate the issue". Unbelievable! They told me to purchase with the understanding on getting the same product for the sale price $174.99, but then denied two weeks later. This same product is now on sale again through Dec 4, 2021 at $174.99, but they still would not give me that price. I just never came across a company that would do this. Unbelievable!
This was to be our third iRobot, as we bought one for us at Christmas last year for $600. We will never purchase another iRobot as long as I live.
Both units are now enroute to our home, first i694 arrives 11/24/21 and the same product but $100 more has an ETA of Monday, 11/29/21.