iRobot - IRobot i7

Nov 18, 2021

I robot hater — Fort Myers, USA

My robot stopped functioning. First I wrote to customer service. Twice. Got no response. I wrote twice because to get technical assistance over the telephone required a 30 minute wait time.

Getting no response to my email inquiry, I decided to just wait out the time for a telephone tech. My first recording said I had less than a 25 minute wait. After 15 minutes, the recording told me I had a more than 30 minute wait. I literally just left the phone on, went about my business until @ 50 minutes later I got a live person.

She was difficult to understand, was obviously a non-US based call center. She was able to immediately identify me, the name I had given the robot and she determined that there was an error in the base unit of the machine. She told me that, because the unit was no longer under warranty she could not repair it, EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS CAPABLE OF DOING SO.

I've purchased at least 4 Roombas in my lifetime. I just bought another robot to replace the one that they could have repaired but wouldn't - and it wasn't an i-robot product. Never again.