Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service - Service Completed on 3/26/22

Apr 01, 2022

Jillian Mobus-of Levittown, US

I made an appointment for my car to have an oil change and tires rotated on 3/26/22. I told the person off the bat that the oil change should be free due to a past incident there and the manager gave me 3 free oil changes (which the employee said no problem and he would make a note) Then, I was told my car would be awhile because it's not a "high cost service". I was issued 3 free oil changed by the Manager Tony a year or so again for an issue that had happened with my brakes being done (My car was dropped off and they forgot about my car and never replaced the back brakes as scheduled) I live 3 hours away from Jack Williams and take my car there when service is needed but lately the service has been terrible and the employees have been extremely rude. (one employee even made a comment about me being female and not knowing what I'm talking about) The manager basically called me a liar about the oil change being no cost and refused to look into it for me. On top of that, they charged me the "middle" price for the oil change instead of the basic oil change I asked for and when I questioned it - they ignored me and didn't care. Very rude, unprofessional and took advantage of me being a female. I called the customer service number on 3/26 to let them know what had happened. I left a message and no one has returned my phone call.

Jillian Mobus

2180 Veterans Hwy #107

Levittown, PA 19056