Jacoby & Meyers - Unprofessional

Feb 10, 2022

Sergio Roman-of Carson, US

My wife was in an auto accident back in march 2021 and the other parties insurance company admitted at fault. We went to 2 chiropractor visits and 1 zoom call with a doctor but yet it's taking this long to get any compensation. Both my insurance and the other parties insurance has paid out but Jacoby and meters firm is holding on to the money. What for? To say that there working hard so they can get paid more? I've called numerous times to get answers and updates but it's even Difficult to get a hold of someone. I get the same scripted answers when I do talk to someone. This is so ridiculous and am very unhappy with how they do business. There good to get you to sign a retainer and after that they ghost you. I do not recommend this to anyone.