Jacoby & Meyers - Taken Advantage and racking up fees

Feb 11, 2022

Vcarter-of Costa Mesa, US

They keep saying that they are doing the best to keep money in my pocket. They are sellouts playing a number game. They switch legal aid like they are switching draws. They care about getting money for themselves. and their fake doctors. one Chiropractor would put me in massage chair as my therapy that didn't even work. Fake doctors. Also, you rack up more fees if your case doesn't settle in 6 months, I am having a horrible experience with them, THEY DON'T CARE. The doctors are only there to pretend and if you deny treatment because you don't think it's necessary, they said but that will make you case stronger. The reduce bills are higher than a regular doctor that actually will help. No one actually helped me. They claim to try to get as much money for you LIES LIES. They simply don't care. No one calls me to update my case no one, and it's always we are still negotiating that one bill over and over. Or My WIFI is down, but is on a ZOOM meeting riddle me this?