Jenkins Restorations - Very poor quality, water damaged restoration service provided by Jenkins restoration company Aurora, Colorado was

May 18, 2022

Utara-of Aurora, US

Water leak damaged service provided by Jenkinks (Christopher Jenkins, Core Claims Estimator/Project Manager,16200 E 2nd Ave,Unit 150,Aurora, CO 80011, Office: 720‑492‑1760, Cell: 719‑472‑4890, Fax: 720‑492‑1760) was unprofessional, left the work in unfinished state for 5 months, poor quality work, also damaged the tile during restoration time.

Restoration work was began on December 2021 and not completed till May 2022.

They used non professional workers, who left the worksite very dirty( pains all around the light, patches left in the middle of the ceiling which was prominently showing uneven surface, they reported work completed 3 times but took five months to make celling even with other area( which was not damaged by water).

They also broke the tile on floor while they were working to repair ceiling. They were reluctant to replace the broken tile which was broken by their worker.

Overall, Jenkins restoration team , Aurora, Colorado 80011( Christopher Jenkins, Core Claims Estimator/Project Manager) is not a professional restoration team. Please beware with them.