JennAir Appliances - Jennair stove / Miller's Appliance in South Bend IN

Feb 25, 2022

SusanVey-of Mishawaka, US

I bought a JennAir floor model from Miller's Appliance in South Bend, IN. They assured me that the warranty was in effect. The ovens stop intermittently. Sometimes I catch it, sometimes not, and have ruined a few loaves of bread. I called Miller's and they sent someone out. The guy said he couldn't do anything because it worked fine while he was there. I asked how it could be rectified, since it was intermittent. He told me to keep a diary (which I am doing - three more incidents since he was here), take pictures of the controls to have a record of the position of the knobs when it happens, have also taken pictures of bread that was still white, not browned at all. If I turn the oven completely off and then restart it, it will usually heat, but the heating elements come on and burn the top of the bread. I just got a bill from Miller's for $191.95. Here was note in bill: TODAY WOULD NOT HEAT. TRIED TO ASK OTHER QUESTIONS BUT CUST WOULD NOT LET ME TALK AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS. Service Performed 02/16/22 TEST RAN UNIT. UNIT IS WORKING GREAT. UNABLE TO VERIFY ISSUE. NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY UNABLE TO FILE CLAIM.