Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems - Management abusing his powers

Feb 16, 2022

Maria Martinez-of US

Mr Sergio Luna at Jersey Mikes 14071 W Bell Rd, Surprise, AZ 85374

I feel is abusing his powers as a manager and has favoritism when it comes to a disagreement with his younger brother and the other store employees. My younger brother worked for Mr Luna and was fired because him and Mr Lunas younger brother always had disagreements when they worked together and Mr Lunas younger brother thought because his brother was the manager he could boss the other employees around. Also, my younger brother had been waiting for his w2 forms they where sitting in the office for almost 2 weeks and Mr Luna didn't notify my brother about it. I understand at times it's the person's responsibility to call and see if there's any mail there. Now on another note an employee snap chat my brother a picture of what was a paycheck or pay stub envelope. My brother went in to pick it up the person working wouldn't give it to him and said Mr Luna told him not to give it to him because he had to look at it first. It is against federal law that you can not open or keep anyone's mail from anyone if it is addressedto that person. My brother called Mr Luna about the piece of mail and he told him you hadn't work for jersey mikes in awhile how could it be a check. Until this day my brother still has not recovered that piece of mail this is so unprofessional and also the way that he is allowed to hire his brothers to work for him and of course family sticks with family in any matter regardless of the situation and its not fair. If you could please reach out to me that would be awesome.

Thank you