Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems - No hot subs after 8 when they close at 9. Asked for corporate number they said they didn't have that information.

Mar 25, 2022

Jeff Milvo-of US

I tried to order online for a party of 7 since we all decided previously that's what we wanted. At 8:00 CST, the Rowlett, Texas location did not take online orders. I then drove to the location and arrived about 8:10 P.M. CST. They asked if I wanted a hot or cold sub I said big order for hot subs, they stated they weren't doing hot subs anymore. ? You close at 9 why aren't you serving full menu, you might as well be closed, put a sign on the door or online that this isn't available an hour before closing. Subway doesn't stop this neither does Firehouse subs. Asked if they had a corporate number to call and they told me they didn't have that information. Well, lets go back a couple weeks as my wife works for the government and had meetings and was tasked with ordering lunch for the class. I suggested Jersey Mikes, because outside of the piss poor performance of your Rowlett location, the food is amazing and one of my favorite places to eat on a weekly basis. Due to the covid concern, per your website, orders would be placed in a box with chips and a water which is how it was ordered. I will provide receipt of this for what

I remember around 11-14 people. Picked up the order, they were bundled in big paper bags, sandwiches, water and chips not separated, not all sandwiches were in the bag ( my fault for not double checking the order), I picked up and delivered for my wife only to have to go somewhere else to get additional food for those that were shorted the specific order. None of the sandwiches were labeled, so each one had to be opened which is against COVID protocol for a municipality. No napkins, or any condiments that you would think would be in a (catered) box. I'm not sure what has happened at your Rowlett, Texas location, I'm sure my email will fall on deaf ears as nobody seems to care anymore, but I rushed home and ordered pizza that has already been delivered and it is officially 8:59 P.M. CST. Time stamped so when and if you contact your manager at the Rowlett, Texas location, you can hear them lie to you and tell you I came in at closing which I didn't.