Jessica London - Product and customer servcice

Apr 28, 2022

Karen Elmore Woods-of BATTLE CREEK, US

November 2021-- I specifically called the number on the catalog and asked questions about the TWO leather coats that I was interested in ordering. At NO point did she say; "if it doesn't match you can return it within 60 days!" I ordered over $600 worth of merchandise in late November 2021; the merchandise arrived in late December.

when items arrived, my entire family was struck with the Corona Virus within weeks of one another, domino effect. (this was our 2nd bout) We, my husband and myself have demanding jobs and absolutely have to meet with clients in person, he is an attorney and I am a realtor and own a property management company. Once we overcame the virus, my Dad had a stroke, then required eye surgery

Things settled down, tried on items. "gold" (is actually mustard) coat did not match the boots at all and it fit very loose in shoulders. Then mailed the items back explaining that they did not match and useless to me. notated my phone number with return if any questions. Rec items back. Called Heimrick back today only to be treated horribly by Maney who stated hes sorry that I cannot COMPREHEND!