Jewson - Delivery

May 18, 2022

Charles OHagan-of Glasgow, GB

Bought materials from Jewson online to be delivered from Kilmarnock to Largs.

Got confirmation of delivery date when i paid £245 for 3 sheets of MDF.

I phoned Kilmarnock Jewsons on Tuesday 17/05/22 to ask what time roughly delivery would be in Largs on the Thursday 19/05/22. Don't know if we can deliver on that date. Depends if we are busy or not was the reply I got from person i spoke to. Then he said he would phone me in morning to let me know.

No phone call came in the morning so i phoned Kilmarnock Jewsons again and asked if delivery would be at Largs on Thursday.

Don.t know yet i can't get delivery Guys on phone. List not done yet, i will phone to let you know.

I then phoned Customer Srevices to see if they could get this sorted out. I complained and the Guys attitude was theres your money back. No interest whatsoever.

Jewsons took money from my account in a heartbeat and now tell me it will take 5 days to return it to my account.

Don't use these people.