Jim 'N Nick's - Personal experience at Smyrna location with the manager and waitress

Dec 18, 2021

Hales2499-of Lavergne, United States

Well for starters we were seated and waited 20 minutes for a waiter to come and greet us to take drink orders. (It was not packed either because it was later in the night). Then we went ahead and ordered when she dropped off the drinks cause we didn't want to wait that long for her to come back. So we have three grown men that order 3 orders of 12 piece wings and 3 salads. Well finally we thought the waiter was bringing us the salads and biscuits after waiting another 35 minutes for anyone to even come back and check on us and remind you we still have not received anything not even refills. No refills no biscuits and no salads. Well the chef and the waiter came back like I said above 35 minutes after we ordered to say they only have enough wings to do 1 order. Then they had the audacity to ask three grown bigger men did they want to split one order meaning they would get 4 wings a piece that's very insulting especially coming from the chef. So now we have been insulted and experienced terrible service. We come to Jim n nicks frequently and love coming but this is an experience that we have never experienced and as someone that works in customer service as a manager would NEVER allow any one of my customers to experience. They didn't offer us anything else or apologize or anything instead they just insulted us and left us with TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Not acceptable and would never want anyone to experience this. As a chef or a waiter they should've apologized and offered us something else which they did not we started looking back over the menu to see what else we may have wanted to order and the waiter never came back she just walked past us and never came back. Very unacceptable and rude. I would like to have a manager reach out to me asap . Cause I go there all the time and have never had a problem. And each time I go I atleast spend around 150 and leave a great tip. But this experience would make anyone not want to go back. Please can a manager reach out to me asap.