Julien's Auctions - memorabilia

Feb 15, 2022

Villier-of Tokyo, JP

They intentionally list "expected" winning bids way below the actual prices they know will be achieved; they take at least 2 months to send items without informing you, claiming they are "busy" with huge workload; their packaging is terrible, piles of white foam bits come pouring out when you open the box; they refuse to accept address changes after payment even days or weeks before delivery, blaming Fedex when it is in fact Juliens who insist on this; All it needs is a phone call from them to Fedex but they refused; I got a really rude email from Juliens CEO defending this policy and blaming me for putting the wrong address. I told them I would never use them again. Terrible service, questionable policies, arrogant leadership. Never again.