Julien's Auctions - Questionable Business Conduct / Ethics

Apr 17, 2022

Julie Bedford-of Philadelphia, US

I was a first-time bidder with Julien’s Auctions in January 2022, bidding on items from an online auction of Olivia Newton-John’s personal collection.

At the time I registered to bid, as a first-time bidder, I had to upload a picture of my drivers license and I believe the credit card I would be using. I fulfilled this request; otherwise, my bid would not be honored as stated.

I ended up being winning bidder on January 17th on a lot at $384 (including buyer’s premium but minus shipping).

After well over a month of chasing Julien’s to inquire when my lot would ship, I finally did receive it. They were responsive through email but more reactive than proactive. I appreciated the care in packaging although it was overkill. A ton of white popcorn filling to pack shirts in a box? Yeah…okay.

Fast forward 3 months after the auction to April 15th when I receive an email from Julien’s requesting I upload a picture of my credit card for the transaction back in January. Excuse me…what?

You’re contacting me 3 months after the transaction closed and you have my payment. You even sent me an invoice upon my winning bid back in January. Now you want me to send you a picture of my credit card? Seems pretty shady. At the very least, incompetent on Julien’s part.

If there was an issue, I should have been notified in January - not 3 months later. The person at Julien’s “claims” they requested from me a picture of the credit card back in January but I can find no evidence of this.

I denied Julien’s request for the picture of my credit card. What kind of business does that? One with questionable business ethics / conduct apparently. I will NEVER do business with Julien’s Auctions again.