JustAirTicket - Unauthorized booking

Apr 05, 2022

David Morrison-of US

My wife and I were scheduled to fly from TPA to MCI on SWA on Friday, April1, with a connection in DCA. At the airport, we learned that our TPA flight was seriously delayed and that we would miss our DCA connection. I attempted to call SWA to fix the problem but instead of reaching SWA, was connected to a person who represented that he represented many airlines in addition to SWA. I should have been suspicious at that time, but instead proceeded to explain our problem.

This person explained that he could not arrange an SWA flight to MCI on April 1 or even morning of April 2 on SWA (since there were no available seats) but could get us to MCI on Spirit Airlines on the morning of April 2. I again queried whether he was an SWA employee since it seemed odd that an SWA agent would arrange flights on a competitor airline. He assured me that all was okay and that I would be reimbursed by SWA if I paid for the Spirit Airlines tickets. I somewhat reluctantly provided my American Express credit card number and he proceeded to book the flight. However he became vague when I asked explicitly how SWA would reimburse me since I had booked our tickets on Frequent Flyer Points..

At that point, my wife, who had been speaking with an SWA agent at the next gate, told me that the SWA agent had informed her that we could easily get a connecting flight to MCI through Dallas on SWA. It them became clear that this person to whom I had been speaking was not an SWA agent and was clearly misrepresenting the situation at SWA and was not, in fact. an SWA agent. I informed the individual that I believed the was not being truthful, that I did not trust him, and that I was cancelling the transaction.

I terminated the phone call with this person and immediately phoned American Express . The agent at AE cancelled the credit card transaction. Surprisingly, about an hour and a half later the flights that I had just cancelled were posted to my email account from Spirit Airline (even though the JustAirTravel website states that customers hare allowed up to two hours to cancel any transaction made with their company.) We then proceeded to book the connecting flight through Dallas with the SWA agent.