KB Home - Earnest Money not refunded yet after we cancelled the booking

May 18, 2022

Sharravanan AP-of US

We have booked a Home directly with the KB Home at Canyon Crest, San Antonio, Texas.

We booked the home on 30-March-2022 and we canceled the home on 11-April-2022 the salesperson has asked us to send an email to [[email protected]] and we sent the email to cancel our booking on the same day.

The Salesperson informed me that the Earnest money will be refunded in 4 weeks. When I checked with the same person on 11-May-2022 then he replied to me that it will refund in 6 weeks and that I need to be patient.

Will they extend the time to refund my Earnest money? Why are they keep extending the time from 4 to 6 weeks?