Keystone RV - Keystone Outback 299URL

Feb 13, 2022

Keystone Outback-of Newcomb, US

Dear Keystone:

I am writing to tell you how dissatisfied I am in my purchase of the above travel trailer from Camping World of Kingstone, New York. I am dissatisfied with Camping World as well as with Keystone and the travel trailer itself. I recently purchase this travel trailer, brand new, in June 2021, from Camping World. (1) The first thing that went wrong was that an employee of Camping World let me leave their facility in Kingston, NY to drive 3 hours north up in the mountains of up-state NY without brakes on the camper. I was told that it was the plug on my Toyota Tundra that had something wrong with it. It was 95+ degrees that day and I had already waited 5 hours and I had made arrangements to pick up the trailer that day, so I was already not happy. I purchased the back-up camera and understand that it needed to be installed, however, the trailer should have been ready since I had made an appointment to pick up the trailer well in advance. So, I leave Camping World WITHOUT brakes on the camper and drive 3 hours north up into the mountains. I make an appointment with my Toyota dealer to have the breaking system checked out and they could not find anything wrong. They tell me I need to make an appointment and bring the trailer with me so they can figure out what is wrong. However, I had already made reservations at a campground, so I take the trailer to the campground first (dry camping, no hook-ups), (2) and there is where I find out the refrigerator is not backed up by propane, my battery dies from trying to keep all of my food cold, and I have to throw out a lot of food and purchase another battery. Not to mention the refrigerator does not close correctly. (3) Then is also when I find out that the pull-out full-size bed does not lay flat, and actually leans backwards! (4) I also realize that the bathroom sink is shoved into such a tight spot, that it makes it hard to brush your teeth!

After my dry-camping experience I make another appointment with Toyota and drive back down the mountain to find out it is not my truck that has the problem, it is the camper! I call Camping World and explain that I had just driven down the mountain 1.3 hours without breaks on the trailer and could I drop off the camper that same day and was told NO, they didn't have any room. So ... I drive the trailer back up the mountain 1.3 hours and "the next day", mind you, drive back down the mountain 3 hours (still NO BREAKS) to Kingston to drop off the trailer. I explain what happened, tell them about the refrigerator and explain that the heater makes a lot of noise. It takes Camping World Three (3) to evaluate the trailer, contact Keystone, and tell me that nothing is covered by my warranty and that I have to pay to have the breaks fixed because there was a very tiny nick in the rubber that covers the wires which attach from the trailer to the truck, so therefore it is my fault! Also, they tell me the refrigerator doesn't have a propane backup and there is nothing wrong the way it closes, and the heater is just fine.

I am DONE with Camping World!

I pay to have the trailer's breaks fixed, figure out a fix for the refrigerator and start my once in a lifetime trip with my 90-year-old mother and the first time I need the heater it doesn't work! Thank God I was near a friend's house and we could stay with her while again, I pay to have the heater fixed. I am a month into this trip and I am getting so aggravated, I have tried everything to make the pull-out bed flat.

I would like to know who designs the layout of these things? Because it certainly isn't anyone who uses them.

An unsatisfied customer,

Donna L. Draper