Keystone RV - Keystone Hideout 28RKS

Apr 13, 2022

Steve Gottlieb-of US

I bought a new RV with a nice floor plan. The problems started almost immediately, within a week of using the RV. The workmanship was so poor that trim work was falling off, plumbing was leaking, water came in from an outside leak and the black water drain valve was assembled wrong making it most difficult to open. Plus a few other minor issues such as the front door not well aligned and seat cushions that were supposed to have Velcro the didn’t. The hinges on the lift-up bed snapped.

I tried to use the dealership for warranty work. They couldn’t get me in for at least 2-3 months and then couldn’t estimate how long it would take to fix. I could not do without my RV for that long, so I called Keystone and found out how use a mobile tech. I had to have them out three times and submitted my invoices and pictures as instructed.

Keystone never responded to my submission. I had to keep calling (at least four times) to find out the status of my reimbursement. After each call, I was promised someone would call me back. It never happened! Finally, on my last call, I find out all my invoices were denied because the mobile tech did not document well enough. Everything the tech repaired was documented.

Bottom line is I am out between $500 and $1000 with no hope of recovery of money I spend due to poor workmanship. Getting a lawyer to fight them would cost me more, so basically I was cheated by Keystone.

I do not recommend anyone buy a Keystone RV! The quality is poor and customer service is terrible. They are a big company taking advantage of average folks.