Kiehl's - 2 x moisturing creams

Apr 09, 2022

Megan F O'Donoghue-of US

I bought two moisturising creams on 27th september 2021 in Dublin Airport. Unfortunately sbrtly I did not obtain a receipt. On return to Ireland (approx 8/9 days later) I went to the Wicklow Street store in Dublin to request a refund. I explained I had no receiot but gave the date, location and card number used to buy the products. The creams cause redness all over my face and acne on the lower half of my face towards my chin. When I stopped using the creams the reactions faded. The lady in the shop tried to assist me and said she would send my details to customer care and they will contact me. After three weeks and another two visits to the store I still was never contacted by customer service. There was not much more the shop assistant could do for me. Eventually I contacted them myself through email. I was redirected roughly 5 times to different advisors. One would say I'll inform my colleagues and they will get in touch. They did not inform eachother because each time a new person would ask me for the same information that I did not have. The receipt. I was asked to provide the card number and then eventually bank statement, then asked to send a photo of the products and a detailed account of what the issue was. I therefore have now sent roughly 25 emails (5 nearly identical copies as I had to explain time and time again the issues to yet another new advisor). It has now been just under 7 months and the customer team have simply stopped replying to me. Initially after stating I would obtain the refund when I sent the image of the products, I was sent yet another email saying this will now have to moved to loreal customer care UK with a forwarded copy of all the correspondence between the Irish kiehls team and the UK loreal team. L'Oréal the customer will have contact them themselves. I've sent two new emails to L'Oréal UK complaining for this lack of customer services and they have also been ignored. I've been waiting 7 months to return two creams. I tried to return them within 2 weeks of purchase date.