Klarna Bank - Billing issues never resolved

May 02, 2022

S Mak-of Las Vegas, US

I made a $359 purchase with Klarna, I do not use autopay for any of my transactions with them. First bill came, $58 and I paid $100 towards that month. 2nd month came,$56.. and I paid $80. Next month bill came, there was a late fee of $25 and a returned debit for $56 that I did not make. After going rounds with the "chat bot", they said I made a late payment then said I had a returned debit...then they saw that I didn't have "autopay" active on my account and reversed the $25. They did not correct the update on my account for the next bill cycle and included the $25 fee and the $56 to the next month's bill...meaning I now had to pay $147. Another person said that the fee was reversed but I have to make a payment of $112. After another hour with the "chat bot" I was told that he was going to put a hold on my account, not to make a payment until they got a chance to look into the biiling and correct my account. Well the next email I got said they didn't see any issue and that my account is updated and to make a payment for April..to which I paid $80 and april statement showed no minimum payment due..but made the payment anyway. May rolls around and look at that... a Minimum payment due of $90 and that my payment is late... I can just pay the difference and be done with it...but they're trying to get more money from you when they shouldn't be. They're attempting extra payments and hoping you don't notice. They get caught and play games with your account. This was my 2nd purchase with them and I'm not happy with this outcome. the last person.."chat bot" I dealt with, can't read statements and can't help and won't send you to anyone that can help you. You get disconnected. They're not even trying to fix the issue.