Knott's Berry Farm - Stage Coach Operating in 95°+ weather!!!

Apr 10, 2022

gsarahalo-of Lakewood, US

On Wednesday April 6th and Thursday April 7th of the year 2022, I was at the park and noticed the Stage Coach operating during this incredibly hot, uncomfortable time. We observed the horses foaming at the mouth and one horse in particular flapping his/her tongue side to side which is a sign of distress and even worse, a nerve based condition. As someone who loves horses and enjoys Knott’s Berry Farm, I was completely disheartened and brought to tears when I saw this.

We are in 2022 and technology is constantly advancing. Isn’t it time that we phase out old practices such as “horse drawn carriages” and introduce new developments while maintaining the KBF theme?

Yes, people enjoy being pulled around on a carriage by horses and believe they are creating a relationship with them, but having a barn where the horses can partake in intrinsic, natural behaviors is an accurate depiction of who these animals are and what they do.

Horses do not deserve to pull around thousands of pounds during a hot, miserable day. Your guests’ experience matters, but so do those under your guardianship.