Krystal International Vacation Club [KIVC] - Services not provided as indicated in sales meeting-Fraud and unethical

Mar 10, 2022

Kelly Dunmore-of US

We were sold a scam membership and asking for our monies to be returned. There are thousands of complaints indicating fraud and legal recourse against Krystal Cancun International Vacation Club. We have yet to receive any information back on why the membership that we were sold is not the membership that is being offered.

On the morning of September 5, 2021, the high pressure sales team were truly friendly but also very good at giving you a high rate of info, and no time to think things out. We were convinced by our Krystal sales person and his supervisor, that the financial burden of a time share could be alleviated, if we bought into the shares as an investment opportunity. We were also told that the ESKAPE program offered thousands of hotels offered through all the major hotel chains and resorts and provided a week stay from $199-$399 per week. This is not what is provided in the least bit. We were told that our weeks would be sold and paid back to us. We have not heard anything from Global Travel. We were completely scammed. The companies keep changing over the years, on who is offering the program, as I am sure it is due to being a scam and needing to change it up every few years, once enough noise from people who have been scammed.

We have stopped any and all future payments to Krystal and are asking for our monies to be returned, or we will seek legal counsel and contact PROFECO.

Our demands are simple and if we don't receive satisfaction ASAP we will flood the internet and social media with all details of your scam.