Lake Regional Health System - Lake Regional urgent care in Eldon Mo

Nov 22, 2021

Lisa Flaugher — USA

On November 20, 2021 at approx 5:00 PM, I took my 27 year old daughter to urgent care. She had just recently been put on a new medication for some mental issues. We needed them to check for possible bladder infection and overwhelming anxiety. The urgent care was empty except us and one other patient leaving as we went in. So not busy at all. When the nurse practitioner came in immediately started talking to us as if we were idiots! I ended up crying. Forgive for not remembering her name but she has no business supposedly taking care of patients. I am not an idiot by any means and never need to be talked to as if I'm doing something wrong just by being there!! This person told us we shouldn't be there and we should not go to emergency room. WE NEEDED HELP EVEN IF IT WAS JUST A KIND EAR!! I WILL NEVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN.