LanceSoft - I have not been paid

Feb 07, 2022

sandy Yeatts-of Madison, North Carolina, US

I worked the week of 1/24/2022 to 1/28/2022 and have not been paid. I tried calling them and they never answer the phone. They finally called claiming for me to wait till end of the day for my money...i waited for end of day on 02/04/ money...they told me to wait till end of day on Monday and it would be in bank on Monday and not Tues., claiming they had some kinda problem with ACH. Here it is..end of the business day and no communication/no money on my paycard. Darshan I. sent email to his "team" for someone to give me an update on my paycheck and nobody responded...they just let it goto voicemail when you try to call. I worked 35.5 hours at 19.00 hour. I did contact the recruiter of the actual company I worked for who used Lancesoft for hiring and let them know what was going on and advised them to reconsider next time they consider using Lancesoft. She said she sent an email to notify their vendor management company to look into it.