LandCentral - Sold me an UNBUILDABLE piece of land

May 02, 2022

Hedi Alavi-of Des Moines, US

I was sold a piece of land in Des moines, Iowa by LandCentral in February of 2022. However, this land has zero value as it can not be built on under any circumstance. I can not even put a greenhouse on the property. This significant fact was not disclosed on the listing or purchasing documents anywhere. By law, a seller is REQUIRED to disclose this very important piece of information.

I was owed a disclosure document and I wasn't given one.

I am extremely upset about this loss, that can in no shape or form be recouped, unless I also lie and hide the fact that it can not be sold and somehow sell it to some other poor soul, but I would be committing fraud, as LandCentral has done.