LasikPlus - Lasik Plus Prescription Eye Surgery

Mar 03, 2022

JRogers7-of Frederick, US

6/2009 paid $4000 for a lifetime Lasik Plus prescription correction at branch 10025 Governor Warfield Parkway, Suite 103, Columbia, Maryland 21044. Was told I could have a correction for a lifetime or I would have chose another package., less. First surgery went extremely well, told by Optometrist I did extremely well and I could come back for a couple corrections. Went back in 2015, got a correction, told again I could return for additional correction. Then return in 2/2022 for a third correction. Told to go get eye exam, no real appointment details given, except time/date, waited months to get . I called to get this one. I thought I was getting a correction in February 2022, visit but asked to go through another exam. No call back in a month so I called and left message to schedule correction. I received a call telling me they recommended I do have correction, I said, lets continue, what do I sign.

When I purchased the Lifetime correction in 2009, I was told a lifetime, then eligible for correction at 2015 and eye exam on 2/2022. Lasik plus new all these specific eye conversations, that they told me in 2009/2015 and February 2022.

Either I was lied to in 2009, again in 2015 and gain in 2/2022, or they are incompetent when doing eye exams.

My Optometrist during all of my exams have told me either cornea or outside eye was within range at all times.

Don't like to be tricked or lied to or cheated. I think you owe me a correction or a refund