LOT Polish Airlines - LOT Polish Airlines — Illegal Service in Lviv Airport

Nov 20, 2021

Anatoliy Klepko — USA

My flight was from Lviv to Toronto on November 19, and booking ref: VU2XB8.
The registration clerk in Lviv airport - a young man refused to provide registration, because I did not have QR code of ArriveCan. He suggested that I could get help at LOT sales kiosk across, and as a result, the sales women submitted my ArriveCan from her smartphone and printed it for 300 UAH / 12 USD in cash. Otherwise I could not get my boarding tickets.
Note, that ArriveCan provides digital code for Canadians for now, and European QR codes are not required. It's a shame for LOT to have such employees in Lviv, which conduct such illegal service or scam activity.