LuLu Mall / LuLu International Shopping Mall - I am complainting about the delivery service of y mall

Apr 09, 2022

Thriprayar -of US

We have order 4 ifthaar combo from the hypermarket of lulu mall in Thriprayar it was very late of delivery we had order to 4 place the two places had got 10 mins later but another 2 places got very late our nombuthura is in 6.36 pm the say the order will be deliverd to the all places in 6.30 but the one place the deliverd in 6.19 but another 3 place the got it very very late thevpersons who took nomb and didnt eat food or water that peoples in the time of nombuthura they have no food to eat because the not make any food because that we orderd food for them say dont make food we are orderd so they didnt make food... This a bad delivery service the on place they got the food 8.30 its not fair 6.30 they say the food will delverd but the food is got in 8.30 what is tgis????????????