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Mar 14, 2022

Jared kashuba-of Calgary, CA

I had deposited money 200 to be exact I one 1300 in a day but then I withdrew 600 then all of a sudden my account was locked out and it took 2 weeks to have a response to me asking me to email my bank state ment showing the when I paid the 200 then when I did I get an answer 3 days later telling me they want a copy of my statement up until March 13 which has nothing to do with them or why didn't they ask for that then. with still no explanation why my account is being locked out I've had no explanation as to why I'm being treated like this. No other I online casino had had issues with me not rich casino not spin casino now they are asking for information knowing that bank statements always come out the month after so they are trying to delay my withdrawal even longer I'm going to report this to authorities soon as fraudulent it's been almost a month I need a contact to report this issue too to have this issue dealt with the contact name that's been email me is Kevin with risk management