Maggiore Rent - car rental

Nov 23, 2021

sheri amiri — San Jose, USA

I rented a car from maggiore location next to Bologna train station. I had the car for 4 days. I bought full coverage insurance. I returned the car with full tank and no damage. I was running late to catch my train so i asked the man at the reception if i can just leave the keys and go. he said yes and that they will take care of it and charge my credit card. I never received any final receipt and as of today i still don't know what are the charges for.
the estimated price for 4 days was 159 euro. when i got back to US, Avis / Maggiore had charged my credit card 700 euro. I have been emailing and not getting any help from avis, doyouitaly, or maggiore.

I knew Italians were dishonest and shrewd but had no idea to this level of thievery. so disgusted and disappointed.