Magiseal - Sectional couch purchased at Brault Martineau

Feb 07, 2022

StacyPpp-of Montreal, CA

Purchased a couch 3 years ago and paid for a 10 year warranty for cleaning. Second time I have called and supervisor Tony refuses to clean. He states the couch is soiled and is rude and sarcastic. Couch is in great condition and had 2 stains recently occur. As time passes all couches get soiled ( even though mine is in great shape) so what is the point of a warranty. I filed my claim within 24 hours to deal with a horrible man, Tony with zero class and respect for clients. He laughed in my face when I said I was reaching out to his boss because he is the supervisor. If I were magi Seal would definitely not want a man like that representing my company. Is everyone's warranty void as soon as Tony says its soiled. How did he determine its soiled?