- Abandonement of an 81 yr old client in the middle of the night

Apr 10, 2022

Virginia336-of seattle, US

We hired a live-in maid in the Philippines from on 3/14/22. We payed 16,000.00 pesos for this maid. She was supposed to take care of my mom who was just discharged from the hospital due to kidney issues. However, since day one the maid has been threatening to leave my mom. After 4 days of service, the maid's boyfriend continues to harrass her to leave my mom and accused us of not giving her a day well in fact it was just her 4th day working for us. on 3/17/22 she threatened to leave my mom again after her boyfriend called her to come home or else he will let women in her house. We talked her into staying and just finish her 6 months contract then she can leave or give us a 2 weeks notice so we can find a replacement if possible. On 3/28/22 the maid told my mom she is leaving because she wants to work in a factory instead. We asked her if she wants to leave, she will forfeit her contract. She decided she will stay. However, on 3/28/22, the maid left my mom in the middle of the night after talking to her boyfriend. My mom is bedridden, unable to care for herself. She asked the maid if she can stay until morning but the maid packed her suitcase and left my mom all alone in the house in the middle of the night. This is a case of abandonment, neglect and unprofessionalism! She has placed my mom's live in danger and the maid has been very unstable mentally and psychologically changing her plans on a daily basis whether to stay or leave. Place yourself on my shoes what if it is your mom she abandoned in the middle of the night. I am so furious about this and everytime I think about it, i felt that they have done us injustice. I asked for a refund but the person in charge of has been ignoring me. I wrote her a letter asking for a refund and she has not answered yet. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide us. Thank you