Marks Electrical - Delivery

Feb 18, 2022

Silvy Nazaret-of US

We have ordered a fridge and after measuring our kitchen door we realized that the fridge door will need to be removed in order for the fridge to go into the kitchen. As we already paid for i installation, 2 man job and disposal of my old SMEG fridge, i called to make sure the delivery people will remove the fridge door for me so they can fit the fridge into the kitchen. I was told yes they will.

Delivery arrived today at 1.30pm and Daren the delivery man completely refused to remove the door, saying that if it was an American fridge they will do it but as this is a standard fridge they don't and he wont. He was rude, spending more time telling me why he wouldn't remove a fridge door for me than it would’ve taken him to remove it. Spoke about me to his colleague in unprofessional manner and then left the fridge in the middle of my hallway and left…I am beyond shocked how any professional company can allow this to happen, i am a single mom with a little boy left with a fridge in the middle of my hallway. I had to find a handyman to come to remove the fridge door for me and move the fridge i to the kitchen.

I would like kindly to ask further steps to be taken so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

K had to pay £80 for a handyman regardless that i paid you for installation of the fridge which was not k stalled. Daren the driver was. Ot willing to help although i was told by your sales team he will.

I would appreciate my installation fee to be refunded as well and may be further customer service training to be given to delivery personnel…