Marks Electrical - Delivery of a tumble dryer

Nov 28, 2021

Angela Turner — USA

I bought a tumble dryer online from Marks electrical . It was delivered this morning approximately 10am . I ordered it for my sister ( who is unwell ) she lives alone in a ground floor flat. When filling in the form for delivery it asked how many steps, I put 4 which I didn't realise that to get to the 4 steps there is a disability ramp which has a graduated slope to the building. When my sister received the call from the top of the step she was told they couldn't bring the appliance down the ramp as that was not their job . She was told there should have been a charge for this service. I would have gladly paid if I had known the upset they had caused. They eventually said they would bring the appliance down the ramp, then complained about the few steps. There were 2 of them !! They had a trolley !! Even if this was not in their job description there is a thing called common courtesy. My sister asked the delivery mans name he said Andy . She told him he had upset her & her stomach was in knots as she doesn't like confrontation, he replied that they were the nice drivers ? Not in my opinion. I am extremely angry . For my sister to ring me on a Sunday morning sobbing because of a DELIVERY driver was unbelievable. Her order number is So-951336. [protected] my name is Angela Turner [protected]