Maronda Homes - Poor workmanship

Apr 13, 2022

Sonja Donlin-of Cape Coral, US

I have been in my house for less then 2 years. I closed on a just finished home in 7/2020. I have had to fix multiple things, however 2 areas that are pretty big, electrical and roofing, they tell me is my problem. 14 months in my home my whole electrical panel blew. I was without power. I called Maronda. They told me it was my problem. I had to call an electrician and pay for an electrician to replace my entire electrical panel.

16 months in, i am noticing my shingles flapping. Again I call Maronda and am told that is my problem, not theirs. I have had the entire rows of the seam shingles be completely loose and flapping, completely unattached. I have had to call a roofer myself to do my roof correctly. My roof should last me 20 years, not 16 months. They do not stand behind their product.

My deed at closing was incorrect which everything was done through their lending, it has been a fiasco. This is now fixed but the lost money in increased property taxes i had to pay because of their mistake, is once again….. my problem….. not theirs.

A horrible experience!