Mattress Firm - Refund not given

Jan 29, 2022

Lin D — USA

Jan 5 2022 I ordered on line a bed with the help of their expert Blaise . The next day I looked at my bank statement and mattress firm put the order through twice so I was charged twice . I notified MF and Jan 12 I received a refund of $1180.33 but by this time I had cancelled the order . I tried a dispute with the bank but MF said they couldn’t refund the other $1180.33 while the dispute was on . So I cancelled the dispute and guess what , still no refund and now they won’t even reply to me as of today Jan 29 they still refuse to refund my money and my bank statement proves I’ve only received one refund not 2 . I spoke to Joe Friel at MF headquarters but he just kept giving excuses and now won’t reply at all