McDonald's - Food / service / mobile ordering

Nov 23, 2021

$oo — USA

I placed an order on the mobile app and pulled into the location 975 Glenway Drive, Statesville Nc. I placed my order thru the app at approx. 7:09 pm andit took me about 3 minuets to arrive at the parking lot and park and check in. I waited from approx. 7:12 pm to 7:26 pm for someone to come out with my order. I checked my bag before leaving and I was missing 2 small fries and 2 mcdoubles. I called into the store at 7:28pm to inform them of what I was missing to which I was told someone would bring it right out. I waited 10 more minuetsand had to call back in again and ask again for the rest of my food. At this point I was not at all happy or pleased and quite irrated the my fast food has now taken me 30 minuets to get my order of fast food which I placed thru the app. No aploogyor nothing. I had even stated the 2nd time I called in that the previous food they brought out was ice cold, wasnt warm to begin with when it was 1st brought out. Nobody offered me anything. No im sorry foe the wait, im sorry for the inconvenience. NOTHING to let me, a paying customer, know that anyone cared!!. I work in customer service and I truly understand rhe struggles of being short staffed and such. If your employees dont care about the customers they are serving, the entire reason they even have a job, then why shop at your restaurant?? Im sure that this will not impact anything, but if anyone cares about the paying customer, or cares about customer service at all anymore... my order # was 1993 on 11-23-2021.