Medicross Health Care Group - Refused Treatment

May 10, 2022

Storm8789-of Brackenfell, ZA

My husband and I tested positive for Covid on 05/05/2022, however my symptoms started on 04/05/2022. I was struggling with a cough where I could not cough up whatever was on my chest and I am 8 weeks pregnant so I was concerned. It was not a medical emergency as I was not short of breathe or anything like that, I literally just wanted a Qualified Practitioner to listen to my chest and advise something that is safe during pregnancy that would help with the cough. I am situated in Brackenfell, Cape Town so we contacted Medicross Brackenfell on 06/05/2022 but they were unfortunately fully booked, however they were willing to accommodate me for an appointment on 07/05/2022. My husband decided to try Medicross Langeberg and he was informed that there was an appointment available at 16:30, when he told the Receptionist that I had Covid and why I needed to see the Doctor, she politely told my husband that she would phone him back. 5 minutes later she phoned back and informed him that they were not equipped to deal with Covid patients and that I should go to Cape Gate Hospital. I took the appointment for the Saturday with Brackenfell Medicross and was treated exceptionally well and given Expigen which helped me. How is a medical practice 3 years later NOT equipped to deal with Covid patients especially since last year they put "suspected covid patients" in separate rooms and charged an additional fee for this but a year later they not equipped? I think it is absolutely disgusting to discriminate against a patient who has Covid versus someone coming in there with "Sinus symptoms" that actually has Covid but does not know - surely when a patient is known to have Covid, extra precautions can be taken and the patient seen or is it only hospitals that need to take the load of a virus that is affecting thousands of people and becoming part of our every day life. The receptionists at your branches are giving you guys a bad name and they really need to be taught Patient Care. I am a qualified Radiation Therapist and I actually feel like reporting this incident to the HPCSA, even the Brackenfell Branch was shocked when I told them what had happened. They are a far smaller branch and yet they could accommodate me without making me feel unwelcome or discriminated against. I feel the receptionist did not even bother to speak to a Doctor and rather spoke to a colleague or made her own conclusion that the risk was not worth a patient having access to healthcare. I would like to understand exactly why they are not equipped to accommodate Covid Positive patients that just need mild treatments like any other sick patient especially since last year they did not blink once to charge my Medical Aid extra for me to sit in an isolated venue due to possible Covid symptoms which turned out to be Sinusitis. I would also like the Reception Staff to receive adequate Phone Etiquette and Patient Care training so they can stop making patients feel so unwelcome and discriminated against due to an illness that was not asked for. They get paid to do their jobs and us being sick is what pays their salaries so they need to really think of that when they treat patients like an inconvenience.